Why do liberals think that CNN is real news but not my Qanon and alex jones links?



Honey, you really need to troll more cleverly. Anyone who thinks it's sharp trolling to compare CNN and Alex Jones just isn't very bright.


Get a life and leave the fantasy box alone.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

i dont believe any of those


CNN has the reputation


Why do you believe your links are real news but not CNN? Simple. People have opinions and they use 'news' as a thing to strengthen it. If someone is said which doesn't fit with their personal opinion, they disregard it as fake, even if backed up with hundreds of studies. People limit their mind and it's sad.


Well independent studies show that those "news" links are some of the least accurate sources of information out there. They are found to be less accurate than Occupy Democrats if that gives you an idea of their legitimacy. CNN on the other hand was found to be fairly accurate in the vast majority of their stories. While they aren't the most accurate of all new stations, actual statistics show they still beat out many other news organizations in the accuracy of their stories. (Including FOX News which was found to be less accurate than Buzfeed)


Why do you think that everyone watches US news? Europe and Canada have far better news channels.


They've done nothing wrong. Clean your own house first.

Ominous Cowherd

You are an obvious troll, and CNN this week labeled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam as a Republican after the "racist" photo came out. If they lie about the most easily verified facts, what else are they lying about?


Liberals are DNC programmed robots that believe socialism should run every facet of everyday lives and by the government as the Nazis did it.