Why do the sore losers of 2016 election want the Electoral College rescinded while no other generation in history made such requests?

To all the snowflakes.... The US is a Constitutional Republic. Our Founding Fathers did not want big metro ares getting all the say in elections. Remember our Pledge of Allegiance?


on the contrary there have been arguments for abolishing the electoral college going back at least to the 1870s


Because it benefits democrats to have extra votes in their huge areas of immigrants. They think that if it is abolished they will always win, and the majority of the country will be at the bidding of the two coast bullies.


Because this generation is full of snowflakes. 🌨


The idea of eliminating the Electoral College has been brought up many times in the past, 2016 was by no means the first.


Because the electoral college is undemocratic.


Al Gore got 500,000 more votes than Bush. Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump. After Carter won people wanted to rescind the electoral College.

Lord Bacon

Perhaps there has never before been such evidence of its corruption of democracy. Perhaps earlier generations were more deferential about such things and accepted the status quo. It is an irrational, unjust mechanism that makes one vote worth more than another vote. That effectively disenfranchises large areas of the USA. That would be unacceptable if it applied to black voters or to Catholic voters so how can it be acceptable for anyone else?