Can a male Finch successfully train their young offspring to seed eat without the mother?

My bonded male and female Zebra Finches have two babies. They are not eating seed on their own yet and have just left the nest the other day. The problem I am having is that the mother bird has killed a clutch before they were weaned and is now starting to pick on the babies. I do have an extra flight cage. Can I put the mother in her own cage until the babies are seed feeding solely on their own and then return her to her mate? The male has also been feeding this clutch and taking care of them equally. Any suggestions?


As long as one of the parents are caring for the babies, yes, separate the abuser. Keep her near the others and do not allow her back with the babies even after they are weaned. Be advised that if she is not a good parent now, you should not breed her at all.