Can I fight a goose?

Like can I physically fight a canadian goose, emotionally I could defeat a goose, but would I get badly hurt if I just like, punched one?


First of all, there's no such thing as a Canadian goose. Unless you know for a fact that the goose was born in Canada, there is no such thing as a Canadian goose. On the other hand, if you're talking about a Canada goose, they are protected by the Federal government and harming one can get you locked in a federal prison, be a registered felon for the rest of your life and get a wopping fine on top of it all. FYI, a Canada goose can break your arm just by flapping it's wings. Unless you are experienced in catching geese or other birds, you'd probably be an idiot to try to tangle with one, IF you could even get close enough to touch one.


yes but it can honk at you so get out of its way


I wouldn't tangle with a goose. They all open their bills and then do that hissing thing where it's like they're going to bite you and the get all aggressive and start charging you with their wings spread. I don't know how geese fight, but they're so aggressive they must have some ability to lay some hurt between biting and clawing.


You CAN, if you don't mind singing soprano for the rest of your life.


Throw a hat over it's head and fight dirty. The goose will not think you are just doing it for fun.


You are obviously aware that geese can be dangerous. Whether the goose will descend to your level remains to be seen. It might flee. (Then wouldn't YOU look swell?)


he might just give you a bloody nose, mate. I don't know. You should give it a whirl.


You can't hurt a goose. They fight in packs and one day the queen goose (or as the experts call her, Mama Mega Duck) will find you and she will find your bread.


YOU can do anything you want with a goose. Just make sure you do it with cameras rolling (HD please). Now whether or not you will get hurt, depends on the goose. And as far as the law goes, that of course will depends on where you are when you decide to go goose punching.

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You dont fight canadian geese get them to fight each other. This method works on canadian meese as well