Cockatiel help??

My cockatiel won t stay out of his food bowl when sleeping. I ve provided a hideaway and a hammock that are both big enough for him to get into and sleep, however he doesn t. He sleeps in his food bowl and then poops in it, making all of the seeds in it inedible, which is a waste of money. And ideas on what i can do?

Anonymous: Maybe use one of these

Maybe use one of these:


There are a few things that may be happening here. The perches are all one size, without any variation, if they are too big or toi small, three bird's feet never get rested, this makes the bird feel unstable when resting, so the food dish is stable and gives it's feet the rest they need. There may be weakness in the bird's ability to lock one of both feet on the perches for sleeping. Try getting a natural perch that is varied along its length, so the bird's feet get exercised throughout the day. Make sure the birds nails are trimmed. Their toes/nails should not wrap around the perches in the cage.

Clo G.-B.

Take the food cup out at night and put an empty cup in---it sounds like your bird considers the cup a nest. There also are special nest-type fixtures that you can buy...


sometimes my budgie sleeps on her food bowl


Get a different bird bowl that the bird can only get it's head into.


Try moving the food bowl to a lower position, but not directly under a perch or you will still end up with soiled food. Birds usually pick a higher area in the cage to sleep.