Did dinosaurs actually look like a bunch of giant chickens?

because the feathers


Let me hop in my Delorean and check it out.


Step back... now look at the mud impressions fossilized. No Feathers... so far. [In 1957, I was sent to the Office, for being disruptive, because I dared to say that the skeleton of a dinosaur looked like a bird. I was reprimanded for daring to differ with proven science.].


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wasn't there.


Not really. And it is doubtful that they had real feathers, rather than elongated scales.

Dances with Weed

Now you know where the phrase " tarred and feathered" comes from.


yes, but more like chickens with really bad attitudes


The dinosaurs didn't look exactly like chickens. Not all of them were completely covered in feathers like chickens and other birds are. Also not every one of those extinct giant reptiles were dinosaurs. There are a bunch of different families and names for groups of those animals based on their anatomy and era. All birds are actually technically reptiles. They're legs are covered in rough, scaly skin, and feathers are actually just modified scales. Isn't that crazy cool? There are a lot of other anatomical reasons for this, but they're very technical and confusing if you don't have a lot of base knowledge of reptiles and birds and whatnot, but there is a lot of places you can learn about it. Scientists actually study birds (especially chickens) to learn how prehistoric reptiles walked and moved, and they even modified a chicken fetus to have a dinosaur-like mouth!


Dinosaurs and birds weren't even remotely related.


No, they didn't have feathers.


No one actually knows for sure. The only thing we are absolutely sure of, is the fact that the fossils of their skin/scales were almost as identical to an alligators. In my personal opinion, I do not believe they were from/apart of the “bird family”, only because it just doesn’t add up, nor does it make any legitimate sense to me. :) Hundreds of years ago, when men roamed with Dinosaurs, there were drawings/sketches/paintings against sheltered rocks and none seemed as if they were covered in feathers. Not to mention... I don’t recall seeing any feathered beasts in Jurassic Park. ;)


No because they weren't actually real.