Why does my budgie not trust me anymore, or seems scared of me?

I got my budgie October 10, 2018. His name is Yoshi and I’ve had him about three months already and about less then a month in I got his trust! But lately I feel like we are losing a bond that I worked hard to build. Sometimes I handle him against his will just so maybe he could get use to it or something. And just yesterday I clipped his wings, he did not scream or wiggle too much but after that he seemed so scared of me. I can feed him from my hand and not have him step up without him biting me a bit. Please help, I don’t want to loose a bond with my bird.


You clipped his wings, that is more than enough abuse to make him not trust you. He did not need to scream or struggle, since you are bigger and stronger what else was he suppose to do, other than to let it happen? I never clipped any of the birds I've had over the years, but then I gained their trust and bonded to them, to where handling their wings, feet or trimming nails and beak would not have been a problem. So as far as rebuilding the trust (you never actually had a bond), you start from square one. If you had a bond he'd have been over it by the next day, unless you had hurt him.


I have these problems, she is scared of me I did get her on my hand by putting food she likes on my hand. maybe your bird has gone a bit feral. just do the training again. or do u think he might be getting sexual maturity????maybe get some one else to clip wings.