Do ultrasonic pest repellers affect/harm chickens?



I doubt that chickens can even hear them.


No more than beheading them does.

The First Dragon

Ultrasonic pest repellants do not cause any harm; they are just unpleasant to the animal, which makes them want to stay away. I don't know how much these would affect chickens; they are usually used for mice and rats, which are much smaller than an adult chicken. And my experience is that they don't even work well with rats. What I have seen in my dad's garage is that the rats did not poop within a foot of the ultrasonic devices, but they pooped up to that. They probably would not build a nest that close - but that doesn't really help much. They may also get used to the sound after a while. I have heard that some have tried ultrasonic teen repellants - for teenaged humans. This is to prevent loitering in certain areas. Thing is, children and teenagers can hear higher-pitched sounds than adults; so they project an annoying sound within that range. This may work to an extent, but of course humans can ignore an annoying sound if they really want to; or get used to it.


Yes they do!!!