Single payer required medicare - makes citizens get it, but not even 100 Kamala Harris's can make hospitals and doctors accept it, why?

They refuse to answer how to pay for it, and now refuse to answer what happens when doctors and many hospitals as with the ACA program won't accept it as they won't accept 40% payment cuts.

Donald K

The recent tax cuts, predicted by the left to be disastrous, resulted in a first year change in tax revenues of bupkis, but lifted millions out of poverty with more jobs. Over time with the induced higher growth we will come out ahead. What this tells us is that we are at or near the point of diminishing returns in taxation, i.e. taxing more results in less. Therefore, there is only ONE way out of our mess. Spend less. That means someone, or everyone, takes a cut. Failure to pass cuts now will lead to fiscal collapse, like Greece, and then everyone will take a cut of 100%. A little pain now, or a lot tomorrow, are the only choices before us. I want Schultz to run. I want someone running who tells the painful truth - that the national debt is our biggest threat. Trump, will be re-elected anyway.

Alvin Colmes

If the retirement rate of doctors after ObamaCare is any indication an implementation of Medicare of All would result in a catastrophe of available personnel. Doctors and nurses did not go to school to work for the government. LOL


When Canada brought their version of single payer health care in 1965 there was exactly the same resistance, but the government persisted and simply made all hospitals accept patients. Today Canadians consider Tommy Douglas, father of the health care system and Keiffer Sutherland's grandfather, the greatest Canadian ever. Doctors still complain they could make more money, but those of us who remember the old system remember how every physician needed three clerks for billing above and beyond the receptionist, as well as a collections clerk and someone to chase the debtors. When I was first working in the ER the old doctors used to laugh when the new boys whined, because they were happy to trade the highrt gross income for the reduced stress and overhead. Whichever American politician manages to set up a single payer system will be remembered as an equal of Washington, Lincoln and the Roosevelts. If it is Kamala Harris, so be it. Who cares who gets the credit as long as we join the rest of the civilized world? PS: I don't know who moved this, but I am moving it back. This is a perfectly reasonable question, asked respectfully.


Most doctors currently accept Medicare. Note that seniors, who are the oldest and sickest portion of the population and therefore the most medically expensive segment, are very happy with Medicare. Edit: Also note that some doctors currently won't accept any health insurance either.


Here's somebody who has explained how to pay for it - Warren Buffet, one of country's richest people and a REAL billionaire. Buffet is for single payer and says taking the insurance burden off of businesses will be good for the economy. Could you MAKE hospitals and doctors take it if it was the ONLY insurance? No, I'm sure lots of them would like to work for free, possibly asking for donations or selling cookies like the Girl Scouts LOL