What is your favorite wild and domesticated bird and why?

My favorite domestic bird is a canary because I own one. They are great singers. I love their colors. I always loved canaries. My favorite wild bird is a ruff because while I love waders in general, the ruff intrigues me by their amazing namesake, which can be white or black. I love their orange, pink, yellow, brown, and black. Ruffs are also very underrated birds most people don't even know about.

The Football God

Fried chicken and Wild Turkey.


when I was young we used to go to Lake Macquarie for holidays. I loved the pelicans cause of their big beaks. I also like to see magpies. I have a budgie at the moment.

heart o' gold

Domestic, probably the dove. I love the soothing noises they make. Wild...probably right now hummingbird, although I also am really enjoying finches, mockingbirds, crows, blue jays. And acorn woodpeckers. Those were my favorites for a long time as I lived on a property for decades with colonies of them in my trees. Noisy during breeding season but a hoot to watch.