Are tuxedo cats nice?



adorable. One of my five cats, Bettina, is a tuxedo, and my oldest, 16. Watches carefully when I talk to her.


There is no breed of cat that is a tuxedo cat - they are domestic short hairs with a particular pattern to their black and white bi-color coat. It's a lovely description though, and quite harmless as long as you know what it is, and is not. All cats can be nice, or not nice - most are very nice pets. But with all pets of any color, each individual has their own personality. Getting a cat of a particular color is no guarantee that the cat will be nice, or not nice.

heart o' gold

Mine was. I had him from when he was 10 days old til he passed in my arms at 16 years. Yodes. I loved him SO much...

Love my Newf

What does the colour a cat's coat have to do with personality?

Anne Arkey

They're the best....handsome (beautiful), elegant, and well-mannered. They're also great mousers.


they are