My kitten WILL NOT use the litter box. HELP?

My cat WILL NOT use the littler box. she likes using the bath tub?? she has peed in the litter box few times but has yet to poop and she’s 4 months. I tried an open box instead of a covered one. I put more litter in I put less litter in. I moved the location of the box. Nothing is helping.


Leave a couple of inches of water in the tub. After she gets her feet wet a few times, she'll stop. It worked for my cat who was a rescue cat with behavior problems.


Put the box in the tub until she gets used to it.


So put the litter box in the bath until she gets the idea....... sounds like the bath to her is a safer place than where you are putting her litter tray


well be thankful that the kitten likes to use the bathtub instead of the floor or the carpet at least the bathtub is easy to clean

Anna D

Have you tried putting her turds in the litter box after you remove them from wherever they don't belong? It sometimes gives them a clue.


Pick up the poop and put into litter box. Next time she goes pee, she will see it there and make the connection. I do not believe in yelling at cats, they are very difficult to communicate to than a dog. They learn by example.

Anna E

I have had cats and dogs most of my adult life. I have learned that if a cat decides not to use a litter box, there is not much you can do.