My cat is 17 and she just sits there staring down at her water dish. Its full though. She sits there for a long time until I Disturbe her.?


heart o' gold

I suggest a vet and lab work to check kidney function. At that age, the kidneys can start having issues. There is a lot you can do for kidney issues if you know that they are happening, get guidance from your vet. Kidney symptoms would be frequent peeing, peeing outside the catbox. Drinking lots of water. Refusing food or minimal appetite. Weight loss. Being uncomfortable. Go soon, you don’t want to wait on kidney stuff.


Take her to the vet. The important thing is whether she is eating? If she is not eating, that is quite concerning and she could become ill very quickly. Consider whether something has gotten into the water? Or, have you changed it lately? Try cleaning the bowl and putting new water into it. Bacteria can grow in the edges of the bowl. You could also try dripping a faucet for her to drink from. If none of these work, take kitty to the vet. She might not be feeling well. Also check to be sure she is urinating in the litter. If you see no pee spots, you know she is sick and this could become urgent.


She might have vision issues, she might not be able to see the water in her dish. I recommend a pet fountain. It moves the surface of the water, helping her notice that there is water in the dish.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should take her to the vet and find out why shes losing her appetite