Vets: how can one cat in a multiple cat household spread FIV to the others? And would all cats in that household require treatment?



There is no treatment to 'cure' FIV, and no vaccine to reliably prevent it. In a household where all cats get along, it is not contagious at all (like FeLV is) as it is only spread through deep bite wounds that cause blood. Normal horseplay or small nips will not spread it. Most cats - kept indoors and with proper and proactive vet care - live perfectly normal and healthy lives. I have two friends with FeLV cats. One "posts" on Facebook as Simon the FIV+ Siamese. He's a senior cat, lives with others, and is perfectly healthy. The other is also a senior and has minor issues with upper respiratory infections. No vets here - and no treatment for the disease, only a very proactive approach to vet care if you think the cat is developing something, as FIV does impact the immune system.

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There's no vets on this page. Why are you asking something you can easily look up online? There's on "treatment" for FIV. The only "treatment" would be supportive care - good nutrition, getting the cat to the vet if it gets a URI, UTI, etc. The disease breaks down the immune system similar to human HIV. FIV transfers via blood. So if you have one FIV+ cat in your home if it fights with others it will infect them.