Can I put weighted clothes/ a weighted vest on my cat? And if I can does it benefit or negatively affect it at all?

So I was tossing the salad and a thought suddenly crossed my feeble mind, I want a cat, but not just any cat. I want a big strong Maine Coon capable of almost accidentally killing a small dog. But there is only so much a piece of lint taped to used toothfloss and a laser can do to exercise a cat, that s why I want to strap maybe 5+ pounds on my cat and let him work the treadmill. But If i go along with my strange plan i want to make sure it ll actually work and that it doesn t give my cat aids or something.

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You're all kinds of stupid. Please get neutered, 12 year old.

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Weighted vest? Hell, why not go for the double entendre? Get the dang thing a level III bullet proof vest, you never know when he's gonna need it!

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ok what you have to do is get your main coon pussy mk now get him or her comfortable in the house ok then what you do is put little weght on kitty balls and wwwwwwwweeeeee BOOM BOOM BOOM suddenly you have big balls MEGA KILLER PUSSY


It won't do much of anything. Carrying a giant backpack full of rocks won't do much for you as a workout. This is what you are wanting to do for your cat. Most cats aren't the type who will start a fight with a dog, they are prey animals and will hide or run if they get the chance. Large Main Coon cats like this aren't cheap either. They are hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a large sized show quality cat.


Not gonna work mate its possible but i doubt you have the skill sets to train a cat to be okay with wearing a weighted vest. Instead try looking at this from another point of view professional rock climbers are remarkably strong but they don't lift weights instead they simply climb mountains thinking a piece of fluff on the end of a string won't amount to much is a very narrow view point. it depends on how you make the cat work to catch that piece of fluff


You are an idiot.


If you want to do this, then make sure to pick a cat with a playful character. They are likely to exercise more. Lazy cats don't do sh*t, and it's not like you can tell a cat what to do. They're stubborn, yo.