My 1 year old cat feels betrayed..?

I have a pretty reasonable experience with cats, i had many when i was little and i always loved them very much, but for the last 4 years i never had any type of pet so that experience faded a little, my older brother has a 1 year old female cat named Sushi but he went to prison ( my brother not the cat. xD ) he asked me to take care of Sushi until he comes out. the first 2 days were challenging but in a week she adored me. 2 weeks after that she made herself really dirty, it was time for a shower, i tried to do it mysefl but couldn't, i decided to drop her off at a cat cleaning shop,i gave them sushi, left to the atm to get some cash ( it was a 40 min trip) and when i went back a women was screaming loudly , and then i looked and found that he was cleaning sushi and she was very angry, the women told me that he was hurting my cat for probably the whole time i was gone! saying because she was too aggressive and crazy! i started screaming as well and had a huge fight. long story short, i took sushi back home but she was traumatized :( thankfully she wasn't injured but i could feel her heart was badly broken.., she never looks at me the same, she lost all trust in me, she has been only sleeping alone all day for the last 3 days ( since it happened) sometimes poops out of the litter box, shes depressed and i feel like she blames me for what happened and idk how to handle her trauma or regain her trust.. please help. note: seeing a professional isn't an option unfortunately.


Well, what did you expect? Cats don't need baths. If they do, you take them to the vet or a cat groomer, not to a dog groomer. The only time a cat needs a bath is if they have something on their fur they shouldn't ingest. Anything else can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. They groom themselves regularly, so they will get what you don't. The biggest issue i see here is that she is pooping outside of the box. This usually happens because of a health issue. She needs to go to the vet. She could have water in her lungs causing an infection. She could have water in her ears, causing an ear infection. She could have parts of her body damaged from being roughly handled, like her paws hurting. Its also possible she she wasn't rinsed fully, so she could have a skin condition starting from the irritation of the soap on her skin. She could get sick from this too. She really needs to go to the vet. To have the vet look at her isn't much more expensive than $40.