How do i litter train my 7 week old kitten?

I have had her for a day now, im aware i need to move her poop to the litter box but she hasnt pooped yet. At least i havent seen any. Although she has peed twice now, once on my bed and second time in a slipper. I obviously cant move her pee to the litter so how am i to litter train her? I’v been placing her in her tray after every meal but she just chews the litter. Iv never had a kitten do that before. I need help!


You have a tiny baby that still needs to be with mom. Of course she is going to have accidents and issues. Keep her in one easy to clean room, like a bathroom. No, not your bedroom. Put her litter box, toys, food, and water in there. use a kitten attracting litter. Leave her there for at least a few weeks. She needs to learn that this is where she goes to the bathroom, but she also needs to get used to the routine of the house. At 8 - 10 weeks, she needs to go to the vet for her first round of shots, and to schedule a spay surgery. Do not let her out of the bathroom until she is at least 10 weeks old. She is so small she shouldn't be away from mom yet, she has no idea what to do. Its like putting a 10 year old out in the world and telling them to fend for themselves. They can't. Keep this tiny baby in one small room until she is old enough to come out. She isn't old enough until she is 10 weeks old. Please remember that a kitten isn't considered able to be fully liter trained until they are 4 months old. If she has an accident, its because she is a tiny baby who doesn't know and who had no one to teach her. Kittens need to stay with their mom much longer than she has, so she has no idea how to do much of any adult cat thing, like play, use the litter box, drink water from a bowl, or groom.


The kitten should still be with it's mother until about 10 weeks old, a mother cat teaches her young to use a litter tray, you may never be able to train it.

Love my Newf

Where on earth did you get a 7 week old kitten? It's ILLEGAL to sell them under EIGHT weeks of age and far better they stay with the mother and siblings till TEN to TWELVE weeks old. How selfish are you that you'd cruelly rip a kitten away from its mother this young? The reason she's peeing on things is BECAUSE you didn't leave her with her mother. The mother cat would have taught her how to use a litter box. Sorry but I don't feel the LEAST bit sorry for you. You are a HORRIBLE and SELFISH person! I also doubt you'll have the $400+ to alter this kitten, get all its series of shots, disease test it, chip it, etc.