Mom brought home a kitten out of the blue. I put almost 250 $ into her, and my mom wants me to get rid of her. What do I even say to that?

I didnt ask for the kitten. My mom wouldn't say who was responsible for her, so I took responsibility with feeding, paying for food, cat supplies, vet stuff, etc. The only drama that having a kitten has caused is when my mom rants about how it was a mistake to get her. No one fights over her. She doesnt have to pay for anything. In fact, she rarely sees her. My mom keeps telling me that we didnt deserve a cat and she wants me to get rid of it. Even though SHE brought her home without asking anyone first. She brought it home, expected me to care for it, (she didnt even have food or anything for her when she brought her home, I bought that stuff). Its her house, but I think it's so wrong to get rid of animals on a whim when you are capable of caring for it-.aka capable of having a kid pay for everything. Do I tell her to pay me back the 200 dollars in pet stuff for wasting my time and money before I get rid of her?


That’s rude and yeah she owes u if she gets rid of it that’s stupid


get her a good home or keep it and u look after her. what is your mother a nut

Pearl L

nnaybe you should nnove out and take the kitten with you