Is it a good thing or a bad thing that my cat now wants more attention?

She used to be a quiet cat that would be in the same room as you, but not in your face. Now she's constantly meowing as if she wants food or attention, and is constantly in my face, trying to get on my keyboard, etc. Is this normal or could it be a sign that somethings wrong?


Bad. The pest will annoy you for the rest of her life.

Person with Question

Best to call the vet and ask. Maybe there are other physical signs you might not have known to look for. Never hurts, just to be safe, in case she may be sick or in discomfort. It could also be anxiety, especially if there have been any changes in the home such as someone else moving in/out, furniture changed around, more noise than usual from neighbors, etc.

Kiss Me Kate

it could be a sign of illness--any behavior change is reason to be suspicious....or something could be making her needy...are you anxious or sad? cats pick up on our moods and respond to them.


you better give some attention to the cat or they will pee on your bed .