Is it just to kill a cat that’s harming your animals?

My outdoor cat minds his own business and generally stays in our yard or our neighbors. Possibly a neighbors cat or just a stray keeps coming into our yard, eating all my cats food and beats up my cat so everytime I see my baby hes covered in scrathes and theres tufts of hair all over the floor! Just today one of his eyes were closed and hurt. My dad says the next time he sees the cat hes going to kill it. I highly doubt it but who knows what he would do. HES A VERY STUBBORN MAN. Does he have a right to protect our cat?


Its wrong to kill another cat if you let your cat outside unsupervised. So if you want to prevent further injuries you keep the cat inside or you supervise the cat when she is outside. Maybe see if your father will build an enclosure that attaches to the house for your cat to go out but be safe from other animals.


I'd kill that stupid stray too.

Nekkid Truth!

Yes he has a right to kill an animal that is posing itself as a threat to your pets.


He has both the legal and ethical right to protect his pets, property and family.


No he does not, keep your cat indoors.

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Legally, it varies by jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, cats are allowed to wander into others' property. In many of those jurisdictions, it's illegal to kill a domestic animal that wanders onto your property. Exceptions being an unreasonable threat to your property of livestock, typically. In some, they're not - whether or not you have the right to therefore kill them varies by jurisdiction, even if they're not supposed to be on your property. Likewise, the method of which you can kill a domestic or wild (and it can vary by species) can be restricted, per local laws. Point being... there are too many variables here. Check your local laws. Ethically... if your cat is getting hurt while outside, then don't let your cat outside. It's YOUR responsibility to protect your pets, and killing other animals is hardly the most reasonable way of doing that. Your cat is clearly in danger... now it may be the other cat, but in the future it could easily be any other animal. Effectively, being outside clearly poses a danger to your cat, regardless of the other cat. Note that you said your cat "usually" stays on your property, but acknowledge that sometimes he doesn't (note: the neighbor's property is not your property). Meaning... your cat doesn't stay on your property. Period. Would you be OK with a neighbor killing your cat for being a nuisance when he "sometimes" goes onto their property? No. Then tell your dad to not be a hypocritical douchebag (the thing is, since clearly you don't know where your cat is at all times, you don't know if he's also harmed other animals, domestic or wild... he very well may have, but since you don't see those animals every day, you don't know). In conclusion... if this other cat is posing a risk to your cat, then keep your cat inside. Or find some way to keep the other cat off your property (and your cat ON your property). It's not rocket science... this is why many people keep their cats indoors in the first place. Killing the other cat is a lazy "solution", and a douchey one. Your dad is a douchebag... give him my condolences for his tiny penis.

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no cause two wrongs dont nnake it right, i would keep the cat away and talk to your neighbors about it


Are you asking from a moral or legal point of view? Check with your Town or City. In MY City cats are not licensed, are allowed to wander into other people's yards. If cats are not allowed to "trespass" into other people's yards and yours "usually" stays in your yard I would expect that no one "usually" will kill your baby. I do know if my baby kept getting assaulted I would keep my baby in the house. I look forward to the day you learn about apostrophes.