Claw Caps for kittens?

So I recently purchased some claw caps for my 4 month old kittens. After applying them to their front paws, some of the glue that came with the caps got on my pants (wearing thin pajama pants) and caused a pretty painful burning sensation on my skin for a few seconds. Should I remove the claw caps from my kittens since this stuff burned me even through my pants? If so how should i remove? No visible burns on my skin but it still was pretty uncomfortable feeling. I dont want to harm my pets.


At that age you can easily teach kittens to scratch appropriate things. Get them a sturdy piece of cat furniture with three or more levels (it's an investment that easily pays for itself especially if you consider what the claw cats are going to cost you monthly for two cats!), and at least one sisal wrapped post. Get also some of those cardboard scratch boxes - one horizontal one and one that is on a slant. Trim their claws weekly or so - there are many YouTube videos showing how. Kitten claws grow so fast - these won't stay on their claws long. Properly applied the glue does not touch skin. And it really, really is strong. When their claws push the caps off, just don't apply them again. Next time you take them in for vaccines, have the vet tech show you how to trim claws if you aren't sure. It's easy - with a bit of practice.

Love my Newf

You shouldn't be claw cats on kittens. Their paws are too small. They also grow so quickly that their nails need WEEKLY trimming. Good luck removing them, though. The glue they come with is like Super Glue.