Is my cat a tortoiseshell/calico?

I know it should be pretty obvious, but I'm a little confused, the other day, I showed my friend a picture of my two cats, and he said that he thought the tortoiseshell was really pretty. That wasn't the first time that someone has called her tortoiseshell Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of her to judge for yourself Thank you everyone :) Love my Newt, here are a few more pictures of her

Nekkid Truth!

Neither. Its a tabby.


She is super cute! But she isn't a calico or a tortoiseshell. She is a tabby cat.


Tortoise shell is mixed black or gray with orange. A Calico has patches of black, white, and orange.

Love my Newf

It isn't either. Tortoiseshell is Black and Red (dark orange). Calico, or as it's more often called in proper coat colour terminology Tortie and White, is Black, Red and White. Can you post a couple more photos and maybe the other side of her? It's definitely Brown Classic Tabby for the pattern but can't tell if the colour on the side is Brown or Red (dark orange). If it's Red - and I'm thinking it could be since there's a splotch of it on the face as well - then her coat would be called Brown Classic Torbie and White. Torbie is when you have Tabby markings with splotches of Red or Cream from Tortie. Odd if the colour is on her entire side, though, but possible. Curious to see what her other side looks like. The pic here is of a Maine Coon kitten with a a Brown Classic Torbie coat. So if she does have a Torbie coat she WOULD be considered a TYPE of Tortie cat. As for breed - a no breed domestic like over 97% of cats. Cats are VERY seldom a mix of anything with so few a breed and most breeders selling their kittens altered.


Yes, of course.


Not a calico. I'd say a tortoiseshell but maybe with some bengal in it - something along that lines, because of the lines in it. She/He's a beauty.