Is my cat okay?

She’s been hiding in small dark places for the past couple weeks and she’s not eating or drinking often and when she leaves her hiding place she seems to have no energy and she’s not walking straight and peeing on the floor


The cat is very sick - if you don't get her to the vet NOW she may not live much longer.

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Get a new cat.


get that cat to the vet ASAP


No, she is not ok. She is very very sick. She needs to go to the vet immediately. We do not know what is wrong with her, but a vet will.


why ask us?, take the cat to a vet. she sounds very sick.


She probably has a bladder infection. Take the cat to the vet IMMEDIATELY. If you don't, she could die. The cat is hiding because she doesn't feel well. She NEEDS to go to the vet and likely will need antibiotics. This cat needs treatment or she WILL NOT BE O.K. To answer your question: No, your cat is not O.K. If you were in your bed for two weeks, and not really eating, would someone wonder if you were O.K? Probably and they would probably tell you to go to the doctor. Your cat NEEDS VET ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!!!


Well I’m afraid to say she might be dying or sick. I suggest taking her to a vet immediately.


Not okay at all. Sounds serious could even be rabies if not vaccinated. Call get right now.


Probably not. Usually when animals stop eating it’s the end. Get the cat checked out if anything.