My cat has unidentified abdominal pain?

My cat has abdominal pain.She was treated for swallowed object,then for parazites and then with antibiotics and nausia medicine for kidney or bladder infection.Nothing seem to work,she is in pain trying to hide.At the start she pooped and on the end blood and bile that is why I took her to the vet.That was month ago.Now,she is still in pain.She can not eat dry food she is hungry but cant,she only eats with caution wet food.She poops a little,at first she slept and walked around the toilet straining to go.Sometimes she pooped normal but small poops ,with blood and bile around at the end one time.I did not saw her urinate.The vet said the bladder is empty and she drinked water a bit.Blood work showed high leukocytes at first the after therapy was ok.But cat still in pain.Scans could not identify object swallowed.Only her intestines were swollen.But cat still in pain .She was not anemic.Could it be again UTI or kidneys stones with ok lab results for kidneys work.If she is still in pain vet says she should do contrast scan but dont know what to do anymore


Take your cat to a different vet, along with copies of all tests. The vet needs to identify what is going on. If the vet thinks something was swallowed, then does that mean it is still stuck in her digestive tract"? In that case, it would need to be removed. But, then: treated for parasites/antibiotics/nausea med/possible bladder infection? It sounds like this vet is guessing. My mother's cat had pancreatitis. I don't remember the symptoms, BUT I would go to a DIFFERENT vet. This is too much fooling around and guessing. Have you tried a different food? Try a different dry food. Then, mix in the following: 1 cup dry/2 tablespoons canned/1cup water. Add some canned pumpkin. Offer some cat grass or the plant called Dracaena. If this vet thinks there is an object impacted in the intestines, then the cat would need surgery. But, this vet has treated nearly every other disease. Take the cat to a DIFFERENT VET.