How to make cats more comfortable when living in one room?

My roommate threatens to kill my cats and I can’t afford to move out right now, but I’m saving up. So I keep them locked in my room so she can’t get them. I can see it’s stressing them out. How can I make them more comfortable in here?


How many cats are we talking about? You need to explain more why your roommate doesn't like your cats. Was she ok with you bringing in the cats when you moved in there? If we are talking no more then 2 cats, you need to have a tall treehouse (6 feet tall) where the cats can go vertical for extra space.


Get a few toys so they have something to be doing in such a small space, and get them to have more interaction with things in general. Reading? Read a few paragraphs to them. Eating? Let them sniff your food so they get something out of the experience. Maybe spread out their food so they eat at more times per day so they know it won't be long before something interesting happens. One of my friends installed shelves on her wall so her cat would have his own perch in a small room. My cats go nuts for catnip. Just make sure the environment is enriching. Good luck with your savings!

heart o' gold

Get them plenty of toys. And find a friend or family member to loan you money to get another place.


Sure she wasn’t just joking? I threaten my kids cats all the time..

Love my Newf

Your roommate sounds like a psycho. Can't your parents help you move out or can you move in with someone else?

Pearl L

shes threatening to kill your cats, just tell the police about it and then you can get rid of her that way


You can't, you are being cruel to your animals, find a new home for them, or move out and let your cats roam as nature intended them to,how would you like to be shut in a room all day and night, it is like a prison for them! you must have their litter box and food in there, that stresses a cat out, they do not like to do their business near to their food!!!