Why did my cat poop on the floor?

Recently my cat was diagnosed with kidney disease (keep in mind he’s a older cat) and today he pooped on the floor. What could have caused him to do this? Is it because he’s older? Or because of the kidney disease? Note: to all the people left rude answers, screw you!

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It’s the kidney stuff. They get sick and have to “go” suddenly. Your cat should be on meds and a special kidney diet. There is a lot you can do to help your cat with kidney issues, your vet can guide you. I suggest an extra catbox if possible, making sure the cat can get to the box in time.


Was the litter box clean? That's a reason for any cat to go out of the box. Older cats frequently suffer from constipation, and that causes them to poo out of the box. Does he have arthritis also? That prevents a cat from climbing in and out of the box, so switch to one with a low front entrance. An older cat needs to be on an all canned diet to provide additional moisture to the kidneys (which helps them process the wastes) and prevent things like constipation. If you feed all dry, then switch to wet. Even the kidney prescription diets come in a canned form (although a few vets don't use them anymore, but that's a different topic),


It's no fun to have a cat pooping on the floor, especially if your cat is suddenly pooping on the ... For example, does he stop using his litter box after guests visit


It is a clear sign that tiny Martian aliens have spread from its kidney to its brain.




id like to know too, because we have one female who is now 3 and Still refuses to use a litter box! she goes under our headboard under our bed! and NOWHERE ELSE! weve tried everything we now. and NO its Not Funny! so keep the stupid comments to yourself! ty! plus she just had babies. thank Goodness They uses a litter box!