Should I have my domestic short hair cat checked for a nervous mental condition?

While he takes a mouthful of dry cat food morsels from his food bowl, he shakes his head side to side as he is raising it from the bowl. Like ripping flesh from the carcass of a kill. He's never killed anything that required the need for him to do that. I don't know where he learned it but it has become a habit.


It's trying to pretend the food is real meat. Give it a t bone steak.


The cat should be checked for a possible tooth or gum problem. Also feeding all dry is not a good thing - beset to be feeding canned food with very little dry.

Karen L

He's 'killing' his food. He didn't learn it, it's an instinct that comes built in. And it's totally normal.

heart o' gold

It’s just a weird cat habit, I wouldn’t worry about it.


My cat does that, and then carries the food to another spot, puts it on the floor and then eats it!


Cats are outdoor animals and need to kill. If you stop him going outside he’s going to do odd behaviours because you are stopping his natural instinct to kill


That can be a sign that the cat has some pain from his teeth. He picks up the food and it hurts on that side. Best to get him in to the vet for an exam that will include his mouth and teeth. If that is what it is, it's going to get worse and more painful (costing you more money) and you may end up with a very sick cat if he stops eating because of it. Many to most cats can use a dental cleaning by age 5, and a large number of those actually have painful teeth and gums.


Nothing wrong with the cat. Mine likes to paw the dry food in the dish before eating it


Gently place a pillow case over its head, then smack it 10 to 12 times with a hammer.