This is my cats spay wound! She's been pretty active please help me!!!?

It was done Monday and I love her so much I am scared she's going to fall apart I'm pregnant and I really can't be dealing with this stress I've been balling my eyes out since I've seen it! She's 9 mos old! Does this look bad??? I'm calling the vet tomorrow!! I don't care how much I have to spend I love her and will do anything! Does she look like it's really bad ? Please help I'm scared I can't wait until tomorrow to know some information! Please let me know I've put her in my closet with nothing to jump on food water blankets litter box and she has plenty of space with nothing that will harm her!


If she's been active, she may have reopened some of the stitches. Make sure she's wearing either a cone or a vest so she can't get to her stitches (some cats get itchy and start biting it), it doesn't seem to be bleeding which is good but I would definitely bring her in to get it checked again. As long as nothing is coming out of the wound and she's not sounding like she's in pain, I would focus on yourself right now.