Are dogs pro life or pro choice?



You're obviously pro-moron.


Dogs will eat their young.


They don't get to choose.


Dogs are pro-food!

Nekkid Truth!

Neither... Dogs are not capablenof making such choices


Dogs are pro-love everyone.

latcho dives

neither dogs are not humans


Neither. Dogs live in the moment.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Neither. They usually don't even have a choice for whom they mate with since even respected breeders force their mating. It's not like dogs get to find their mate. They get stuck in pen during estrus season and have no other choice than to mate with the other dog.


Dogs usually only mate when the female is in heat. So, they do not follow the same rules of human sexuality, but are just acting on a biological drive.


idk man, idk. they could be either, or they could be neither


I don’t think they could really make that decision. Yes they care for their young but they’re not afraid to eat them either.

The User formerly known as Poop

Dogs are pro life and care for their offspring, unlike liberals,


I'd suggest they would be pro-life as in an inbuilt need to survive. Pro choice - sadly not with mine. If I'm reading this question correctly. I poured over pedigrees before making up my mind who to put my bitches to, and made every effort to raise each and every puppy born. We had no unplanned litters, so pro life didn't come into it (in terms of a gravid spay).