I fed my dog about 1.5 tbs of hummus, about half an hour passes and I remember toxic so I got him to throw it up it's been 30 will he be ok?


A Hunch

The main ingredients of hummus (garbanzo beans) are not toxic to dogs. Garlic, onions and lemon juice which are often ingredients may be toxic. Even if your dog is a little 4pound teacup poodle its unlikely there was enough of these ingredients to have a problem. Next time just monitor your dog and get treatment if there is a problem.

latcho dives

Ask a vet....(there are none here on yahoo answers)


Chick peas are not nuts, they are peas. The spices is what makes it kinda toxic to dog if fed a bunch of it. But you didn't give enough to be harmful. Just like giving medicine, a little tiny bit is not going to work & have to take a higher dose to be effective & too much....well , you are in a world of hurt. I don't think you gave enough to harm him.


Well, since it is such a small amount, and you made him throw up afterwards, I'd assume he'd be fine, because there isn't enough garlic in hummus to be toxic to dogs if it's in a small enough amount. Though, if he shows any signs of Garlic Poisoning then you should bring him to a vet.