Ok to beat dachshund snout if it eated bookmark up?

Not too hard just a little hard with index finger and ringman finger


No and never okay



Love my Newf

Eated? Why do you even have a bookmark when I doubt you can even read?


No, it's not, but you already knew that or you wouldn't have asked. "Eated?"


no, its not okay to beat your dog, just keep the booknnarks or anything else you dont want hinn into away fronn hinn


It`s never "ok" to BEAT a dog. A very light tap on the nose IF CAUGHT IN THE ACT is permissable but will have no effect at all if done later than 30 seconds after the deed has been done. A loud shout of "leave it" accompanied by a loud noise like a book slamming down on a table will be far more effective than any physical contact with the dog.....but must be done at exactly the right time.


If you don't want your dog to get hold of things you value DOG PROOF YOUR HOME. There is never an excuse for hitting a dog, particularly if it was long after this happened and over something as silly as a bookmark!


No. It is NEVER okay to even hit a dog. Give the dog "dog chew toys" and train him properly. If you are going to abuse a dog, you shouldn't own it. --- Over a book marK? You have issues, and they are not with the dog.