What breed are these dogs?

The owner is saying they are heeler/belgian malinois mixes, but to me they look like Jack Russells.. And if they are Jack Russells, why would she lie? She's saying they are 13 (almost 14) weeks old.

Nekkid Truth!

They might be jack russle mix.. But they arent purebred JRT

Love my Newf

They're just mutts. There's no such breed as the Jack Russell Terrier. The breeds are Parson Russell Terrier and Russell Terrier and these DON'T look like either. A better question would be why on earth would you buy a mutt puppy from a backyard breeder? It will have NOTHING done and likely have Parvo. You're also looking at at LEAST $500 for altering, shots, disease testing, all the puppy shots, chipping. If you want a puppy and don't care about breed then ADOPT one from a shelter. It'll be a LOT less expensive nd be healthy and with EVERYTHING already done.


I would think if t he person has the mother (and maybe the father) the person would know what the mix is. Obviously they are not purebred puppies but it also may be more then one father involved and that is why you think some look more Jack Russell. If the person is asking more then $50-100 for a puppy they are backyard breeders and I would not buy from them period.




Any mixed breed dog is nothing but a mutt. Not worth spending money to buy. If you want a mixed breed dog, rescue one from a shelter.


Its impossible to tell anything from a blurry photo. A reputable breeder will have a clear photo of each individual pup available. They will also have the parents for you to meet. A backyard breeder will refuse these things, and will lie about the breed.

latcho dives

They are heinz 57 without any heeler anywhere near them ... so if the breeder is tryng to sell you one or more then laugh in their face


No one can guess the mix from a blurry photo. Ask the "breeder" to introduce you to the parents, ask for a DNA test, or simply don't purchase the puppy. No reputable breeder would lie about a dog's breed. People who own mutts/multi-breed dogs and allow those dogs to mate with other mutts often don't have any clue at all what breeds are involved. That doesn't make them liars. It makes them people who are guessing or passing on hearsay.


Well if she has the mother, that should give you 50% of what these puppies are. One of them (the light coloured one at the back) looks somewhat like a Jackie, the rest look like a collection of puppies, who may not even be from the same litter!! Unless this breeder can give you the registration papers from the official KC of birth, you have no guarantee of anything - it's just a lottery. And that being the case, why buy from a BYB and contribute to their income when you'd find similar, if not always a puppy as they go fast, in your local Shelter. I'd not touch any of them in that photo. My opinion.

☆Little Helper☆

They're not what you were told that's for sure because nothing about them screams Australian Cattle Dog or Belgian Malinois. Shouldn't suprise anyone when Backyard breeders lie. They're Backyard breeders after all.


The puppies resemble bull arab x jack russell mix for sure. Search it up.

E. H. Amos

Both heeler and Belgian Mals have a LOT more thickness & length of hair..... than ANY of these pups do. And no, it isn't short due to age. Plenty of long haired pups come into the world very 'fluffy" Yes, they look like Russell mixes to me but a bit BIGGER. Walk AWAY from this mutt litter and this BYB! All you are likely to get is a sickly wormy puppy. Instead, adopt from a rescue group or a shelter.

Karen L

Impossible to tell. It's always hard to tell what a mixed breed young puppy is. The photo doesn't give a very good idea of their size but they look almost the size of a full-grown JRT so they probably aren't that.


You can always ask to see the parents if you need to be certain. A rule of thumb guide to size is that puppies of large breeds have large paws. But even that is guesswork.