Its negitive 50 with windchill here but only negitive 20 actually and my dogs house has a wind flap and its a husky is it ok to be outside?



Husky's thrive in sub zero temps. Their coat is special & very dense. They can lay down on top of the snow to sleep & wake up with 2 or 3 feet of snow on top of them. He is fine outside but why have a dog if all you are going to do is leave it outside? He/she needs to be with his/her people. & not be the dog that is just tied up outside. He needs attention, exercise, a massive amount of exercise. A really massive amount of exercise. Take him running from 2 to 5 miles 2 to 3 times a day. You can run too or ride a bike or tricycle, skateboard, They used to run the Iditarod races in Alaska. They run for days on end to finish the race. One trace is about 900 miles & another is over a thousand miles. They NEED to run. More so than any other breed.

Nekkid Truth!

Bring the dog inside.

Julie D.

Bring this dog inside.


Provided the dog is used to living out, especially given his breed, I'd suspect he'll be fine as long as his kennel is facing away from the prevailing wind and he has a bench to get up off the floor (drafts kill) with deep bedding (that's dry). He does need you to make sure he has ice free water and you should increase the amount of food he's currently eating. And he needs a good run when the weather allows. I don't do 'outside dogs' so would agree with the 2 comments about bringing him indoors but typically his bnreed should be ok outside. I'm assuming he's not an old dog, or even a puppy and he is used to living out??

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