How to stop havenese from biting, children, dogs and starting trouble?



And what training have you done - both the children and the dog? Children need to be taught how to interact with a dog - no hugging, no staring, and in many cases NOT picking up. How old are the children? Some dogs too are badly bred with aggressive or fearful temperaments. You can't fix that but you can mitigate it. Training is the big thing here - the dog needs to respond to the basics of sit, stay, down, leave it, and quiet. As soon as the dog begins the issue, you put the dog into a down and make him stay there. With the kids, teach them as well. Have the vet refer you to a real animal behaviorist (not someone you found on the internet) and have them tell you if your dog is aggressive, or has fear aggression. Both need to be handled in different ways. And if this is a brand new behavior, get the dog seen by a vet as this can also be a sign of illness or pain.


Not enough information to be able to give you any positive advice. Age and gender of the dog. How long you have owned it. Its basic temperament. Its daily routine. eg: exercise, training. How many in your human family and what ages. How many children has it bitten or tried to bite and under what circumstances? Is the dog neutered and if so at what age was this done. No-one can advise properly with so little info given.


More effective training? How old is this dog?

latcho dives

Extensive training and familiarisation comes distinctly too mind eh