How to train my dog to stop pooping in her crate at night?

I rescued a cocker spaniel from misery and neglect her owner kept her in a tiny cage she could barely stand she was force to lay in her own poop for hours and hours she was hardly ever walked and when she was it was only for a few minutes she’s 9 months old I Have no choice to but to keep her in a crate at night as she isn’t housetrained and I just paid a lot of Money for new carpeting throughout my house I think she poops in her crate because it’s a way of life for her she doesn’t even try and move away from the poop she just lays in it she gets plenty of walks and she can roam my farm freely I’ve had her 3 days now tonight i took her on an extra long walk she pooped twice I put her in her crate at 9:30pm I usually go to bed at 10pm myself so before I went to bed I decided to take her for one more walk just incase went to her crate and there she was laying in her poop again I don’t understand she doesn’t even try to hold it last night I left her outside for 2 hours before I put her in the crate she was zooming around having loads of fun she pooped a lot and I still woke up the next morning to find she pooped in her crate


I would first take her to the vet to have a health check done. If a dog has a digestive issue, and especially if it has diarrhea, it will not be able to hold the poop. In that case, the dog will just need to go, wherever it is. The dog may have worms, causing this, or may need a different food. If the cage is too big, the dog may do this. I would first start at the vet. Additionally, when you take the dog outside, walk her around on a leash. As soon as she does anything, praise her with as much excitement as you can. Then, bring her back inside and give her a treat. Do these each and every time she does anything outside. Dogs live for praise.

E. H. Amos

Not only do you need to treat her like an unhousebroken little puppy and take her out OVERNIGHT once or twice to prevent crate soiling; you need to take the dog to the vet and have her checked for fecal and intestinal worms. Frankly, even if she tests as clear, I would suggest having her wormed (via YOUR VET) anyway. Round worms encyst in the dog's tissues and hatch out, periodically - during times of STRESS. OTC wormers do not even "touch" tape worms. And IMO any dog who is having issues being or becoming house trained.... needs to have FIRM (well formed) stools, free of worms.


Walk the dog late prior to crating and then walk during the night if needed.


You take her for a walk before bed. Set the alarm for a few hours later, then get up and take her out again. You need to treat her like a little pup until she is house trained, and that means going outside to eliminate every 3 hours or so, and once in the middle of the night.. And meal feeding her helps - do not leave food down for her to nibble. Divide her daily allotment into two meals, half at each meal. Take her out about 20 minutes after she eats - watch for signs - circling, sniffing around, anything that indicates she is looking for a place to go. Same thing with taking her out at 9:30. If she hasn't gone, expect she will, and sit with her until you see signs, then immediately take her out. Praise her lavishly when she goes! She needs guidance and some regulation of her potty habits. Some watchfulness on your part, and some interrupted sleep and maybe some later bedtimes, will pay off!


Have her checked by the vet to make sure nothing is wrong. Because she spent the majority of her life in a crate, she may have crate anxiety. My puppy would do the same thing, go outside, poop and pee then come in and go in her crate. I would leave for 1 hour she would bark and flip out in the crate to the point where the crate would be half way across the room with poop and pee in it and all over her. The first thing that I found that helped was a calming aid, Licks® Littles Zen Calming Aid Supplements. Then she started going in my other dogs crate during the day and just laying there being with his scent and closer to him calms her enough so she has not been flipping out or pooping and peeing in the crate.


When I rescued a teaser dog from a dog fight ring - and she was literally caged 99% of the time - I bought a puppy playpen large enough for a crate (if she wanted to us it, and she didn't), bedding, an area with newspapers for her to poop and pee, and that's where she stayed overnight and when I worked. She was very careful not to soil her bedding. I walked her as often as I could, took her outside regularly, praised her when she pottied outside (never used treats), and in about 6 weeks she caught on, never had another problem with housebreaking.

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Walk it enough to housetrain it entirely. and dump the cage... Dogs are not hamsters rats or rabbits so are not cage animals at all to begin with... maybe instead of dumping the cage you could keep it to use as a drying wrack for your dogwalking boots.... On second thoughts even maybe a ferret cage if its made of wire mesh Eh

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