How do I make my dog happy?

most days she just lays around on the couch or my parents bed looking forlorn or sad. sometimes we take her to a dog park where she runs around like a wild animal but once we get home again she's back to laying around we keep the front door open so if she wanted she could run around the front yard (its gated so she won't escape) but she doesn't really go outside unless she wants to lay on the old sofa cushion we placed out there for her. I'm worried about her. I know she's an older dog and has lupus (that's why her nose is like that) but I'd like to make her a little happier


A daily lead walk is something any dog NEEDS and that enables them to socialise, experience the world around them, use up excess energy, keep their muscle mass so physical as well as mental exercise as well as build pack mentality


Dogs love activity but not necessarily by themselves. They would rather go for a walk with you than by themselves. That said dogs need lots of activity but it is normal for them to spend lots of time just sitting around too. There isn't a dog that I know that doesn't like regular walks (as many as possible). That's what makes dogs happy in my experience,


How old are you? 6?

latcho dives

You occupy it simply in some way. Your dog is bored out if its skull


Your dog looks fine. Looks like he's just being pouty for some reason.


With older dogs, if they are content in their surroundings, they don't run around like maniacs. They chill and assuming everything else is ok (lupus apart), eating, drinking, normal stools and no undue need to urinate, I'd suggest your dog isn't unhappy. Is she stiff on rising because I suppose she could have a touch of arthritis. Plus the symptoms of lupus which in the dog, I don't know about. She must have more than the occasional visit to a Dog Park (which I'd not go to in any case!!) if just to keep her physically and mentally ok.


" sometimes we take her to a dog park where she runs around like a wild animal" SOMETIMES????? No wonder she runs around like a wild animal. This dog is bored out of it skull. She NEEDS a good walk EVERY day and she more importantly NEEDS some mental stimulation, like some training or games such as searching for hidden objects etc. It seems like she has given up on life at the moment because it`s SO boring. Older dogs need stimulation just as much as young dogs or they become lethargic an disinterested in life. I do hope your dog is being treated by a vet for Lupus and it "can" cause Lethargy, but if she is going wild at the dog park, she is not suffering from lethargy it seems. Try taking her for some interesting walks Each day and do some training with her. Older dogs need training and it will give her something to think about. Knowing the exact AGE of this dog would have helped more in answering your question though. By the way.....looks like her nails need trimming!!!!! Info on dogs with Lupus:>>>>


I did not know dogs could get Lupus. But depression goes along with human lupus so possibly that is some of the problem.


get another dog so he can have a buddy