How do I get a stay dog to trust me?

I just took in a stray dog. She s been around people before and she lets me pet her, but she doesn t seem to trust me very much. What should I do?


Spend time with her, and be calm when you're around her. Taking her for a walk should build a good amount of trust between you two.


She lets you pet her. What are you expecting?

latcho dives

Give it lots of time and do not try to touch it initially either. it must come too you... Do not attempt to advance on it and it will slowly overcome its fears toward you.... Having done exactly that with a feral litter we found 5 yrs back after their mom got caught in a mower. her pups were around 4 months at a guess. They we backtracked her too, and gave the litter eventually too a no kill rescue and since they have been found stable homes.


give her time.

E. H. Amos

Pick up &read the book, "Second-Hand Dog, How to Turn Yours Into a First Rate Pet" by Carol Lea Benjamin. It is an excellent help for anyone who has adopted a dog, especially one with "baggage". Try sitting on the floor. Standing OVER, or leaning OVER the dog and petting from ON TOP of the dog - are all threatening and dominant gestures (right now) esp if the dog was ever hit or beaten. Allow the dog to approach you, try reading a book or watching TV while you wait, rather than making direct eye contact. Pet the chest or stroke upwards on the neck from UNDERNEATH the dog's throat. Feed small bits of treats from your hand.... and seated position. Try putting a small baggie of treats, in your lap if you can sit cross-legged.


Patience, keep showing her love and affection, feed her take her out to the bathroom spend time with her.


Give it time.