Why does my dog keep barking at her food bowl?

I have a 12 year old shih tzu who up until recently has never had an issue eating food. When I put her food in a bowl (like I’ve done for 12 years) she will initially start eating but then start to bark at it and tear at the carpet. If anyone gets near her she tries to bite their feet. Then I will put the food in another dish like a plate or lid and she eats it no problem. Any dog psychologists out there?

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My dog did that too!! When my Chow was a pup she would bark while eating. I was like "Whatttttt" but I know she really loves food and water. So it may be an excitement thing, like they view dinner as a reward instead of a necessity. Regardless my dog grew out of it I'm sure yours will too

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Hm...are there ants? Is There a food build up on her bowl? This could be dementia...but I suggest you not worry about it and just chang the bowl to something she doesn’t bark at.

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Whenever you have SUDDEN behavior change like this - you need to visit the vet and tell them what you are experiencing with your senior dog. It is an indication of a problem of some type. It could be sight related, a tooth or gum problem or an indication of cognitive decline and confusion. Your vet needs to do a through exam. If you can take a video on your PHONE to show the vet what you are seeing, please do.

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She is probably having vision problems, thus she can see the food easier in the plate or lid and eats it. She may smell it in her bowl, but cannot see it, so she barks. Take her to the vet for an exam.


My cat kept burying her water bowl and would jump up and try drinking from our glasses. She would dip her paw in if it was only 1/2 full. So...I put 2+2 together and replaced her bowl with a glass. Then...one day I made myself a glass of water then put ice into it. My cat then sat in front of the fridge, meowed and looked back at me. Omg. She wanted ‘ice’ in her glass of water. So...I say, animals want what they want, their ability to communicate sometimes a bit crazy. Try a different food...12 years old means he needs a senior blend food that’s easier to digest.. Also the bottom couple inches of food in the bottom of a big bag of food can get rancid, taste nasty, toss that out..


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