Can talking while my dog sleeps bother them?

Sometimes later at night I'm watching a YouTube video on my phone and I laugh really hard or talking on the phone or something like that in bed and my little chihuahua / cairn terrier mix is sleeping. sometimes I will notice that as I'm talking more she begins to start twitching her legs and she begins to huff and sometimes she even moves around to get comfortable as if she's being bothered and sometimes she low growls in her sleep and sometimes she even whimpers as if she's having a bad dream kind of like she used to do when I first got her. she sometimes will Rumble in her sleep and I wonder if talking in the night while she's trying to sleep is bothering her and stresses her out while she's trying to sleep. Is it possible that's a thing? I can't find anything about it on the internet but I always thought it was kind of weird that she sleeps just fine but the minute that I laugh about a video I saw on my phone or I'm talking on the phone or something sometimes she at that moment begins to Grumble and I get the Sensation that maybe she's bothered and I'm annoying her while she's trying to sleep and subconsciously it's coming out and she doesn't know it. Just curious if anybody has any information on that kind of a thing. I'm very curious. It only happens when all everything is turned off and we are officially in the bed covers and I'm watching or talking on my phone while she's sleeping.

latcho dives

No dogs have the ability to filter your day to day babble out


She is just dreaming. They do all kinds of things in their sleep. It is fun to watch a dreaming dog.

heart o' gold

She’s dreaming. I had a dog who would start crying in her sleep a lot. I got her at about 9 months, her life after I got her was great. I figured she was dreaming about bad stuff that happened before and would gently wake her and comfort her. She’d start awake, then give a big sigh and relax.

Karen L

Far from being bothered by you talking, your dog is so sound asleep that she is dreaming. She's as asleep as she could be. It's not unusual for dogs to twitch, growl, bark, snort, and so on while they are dreaming.