Do dogs like seafood?

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Probably since dogs will eat turds.

AProudAmerican: My dog just ate my lobster bisque.

My dog just ate my lobster bisque. :( Note to self, never walk away from food on an end table.


I would assume they would. I live in a high dessert in Rocky Mountains & don't have sea food on regular basis. It is exotic here.

Pearl L

i think they nnight

Julie D.

They do, but I also avoid shellfish. Some of the higher quality dog foods have fish as their main protein source. We feed our dog Taste of the Wild dog food, and one of their several different formulas is fish based.


Yes, as in things like salmon, coley etc. But I don't give mine shellfish. In fact mine are now on a complete salmon and rice diet and previously, salmon and potato until I managed to order the less expensive salmon and rice by mistake and discovered they (mainly Basset as his food has been difficult) were ok on it. Dogs love pilchards too - if you ever get a reluctant eater.


My dog loves salmon. When I first got him, he tried stealing some raw salmon from the countertop. This was before he was trained. Now we always get a little extra so the dogs can have some too.




Most dogs like everything!!

Kheli C.

well they eat everything foods


yes my dogs had canned fish sometimes

Girlie Electrics

generally yes. my last dog was a beggar for raiding the recycling for the tuna cans