Lost two dogs, is it appropriate to ask my mailman to keep an eye out for them?

Two of my dogs got out of the backyard about 12 hours ago. I didn’t notice until an hour later and I’ve been looking for them and posting in lost and found pet sites for them. I think I may have a smart idea of asking my mailman tommorow to keep a look out for them and give them my number, but I don’t know if they’re allowed to do that or if it’s appropriate of me to ask them? I just thought because they’re going door to door around my neighborhood- so I just made an account to ask if that’s a good thing to do yes or no?


They are a good resource as they cover a wide area. Show him/her a picture of both dogs, and politely ask. Be sure to give him/her your phone number. Also enlist the neighborhood kids as they also cover a large territory. Just ask them for where they saw the dogs, and not to catch them. Are they microchipped? Have you notified all the local shelters which is where the dogs will be taken if found? They only hold dogs for a few days (generally as little as 3 or as many as 10, depending on animal law in your area) after which they are offered for adoption or euthanized. Get out and look for them yourself - drive around. And sadly, also look on the side of the road for a body in case one gets hit by a car. Terrible to think about but it happens. Call local vets as well, reporting your dogs in case they end up there. If they are not microchipped, have that done when you find them. And get the registry information updated with your phone number and address. Also fix whatever issue allowed them to get out of the yard in the first place. Go door to door with pictures of the dog, and give the neighbors your phone number. Posting on social media isn't enough, as not everyone even knows about that, and it can even attract the unscrupulous to look for your dogs - either as a way to get a large reward from you, or to go and pick them up for dog fighting bait. Not saying that you shouldn't use it - but be aware, and also use every means you can to find them. Door to door is the best bet, as well as offering a small reward to the neighborhood kids/teens who cover a lot of area in a day. Good luck!

E. H. Amos

It does not hurt to ask; all they can do is say no, but if you offer a reward for return or for some INFORMATION IF SEEN (esp to just the postman) they may be able to get you some leads. Postal carriers are ALWAYS on the look out for dogs -mostly due to FEAR of being bitten. If you still have newspaper delivery (we get it by car) and you go out early enough (to meet they carrier or if you have their contact info - if they send you a Xmas card in hopes of a tip) they might also be able to help you.


Yes, let the posties, and any kids around know they are missing. Posties especially usually know where new dogs have appeared or may have seen them - are they castrated because they may be found lurking around the home of a b itch in season. Put up posters where you live..................


I think it’s okay. I hope you find your dogs pal!


It can't harm to ask anyone you know, well or not so well, to look out for you. So just ask. In my experience mail personnel vary an awful lot. Some are friendly and happy to help; others taciturn and miserable. Just take pot luck. Nothing lost if the answer's in the negative, and if it's positive, then you're right. It just might help you to recover your dogs.


NO harm in asking !!