Rough paw pads on my dog after grooming. Are the groomers shaving his paws too closely?

After returning from the groomers, my dog always has rough paw pads. Its like they shave his paws a little too close and nick his paw pads. He is a small poodle/terrier mix and he does grow quite a bit of hair. I just want to know if this is normal with very hairy dogs?


The paw pads should not be affected at all by a groomer


Talk to your groomer about it. Ask what could be causing the roughness and what could be done to prevent it. If nothing else, it puts the groomer on notice that you're seeing a problem. Can you observe your dog being groomed?


Any 'injury' done by a groomer is bad in my view. Unless your dog has a lot of fur between his toes etc., which may need trimming, I'd ask her not to touch them. You could always tidy them up yourself!"


The pads them selves are not shaved by a groomer, They do, how ever, cut the hair that is between the pads but there is nothing on the pads to shave. Lots of time the dogs will have a BIG knot of fur between the main big pad & the toes & that needs to be cut out. Can be difficult & could cause some razor burn but any issues are gone with in a few days. When shaving a dogs feet, it is down to the skin very very short. What breed of dog do you have? That would help us to know what kind of coat it has. Poodles get their feet shaved to create 'pretty feet'. I prefer the fuzzy feet on a poodle but some like them to be shaved. Feet are usually shaved with a #10 blade & that is as close as you can get with out using a surgical blade.


They really shouldn't be any rougher than before the dogs groomed, however with all that hair growing inbetween the toes and around the pads, most people don't notice the whole paw pad..... and when it's clipped you feel near 100% of what previously had been covered with hair. As for the nicks on his paws, mention to them to be careful when clipping, tell them about the nicks and razor burn from grooming. You can also help him be less ticklish when they do clip his feet by simply picking his paws up one by one and rubbing them gently so he learns to tolerate it better. I admit when it comes to clipping hairy paws, the clipper vibration makes it irresistible for he dogs to squirm, pull away and move around a lot, all those little hairs vibrating tickle like crazy. If you dogs used to his paws being rubbed and felt especially in between his toes it helps him greatly when he is being groomed. One thing I do especially in winter when the dogs feet are very vulnerable because of ice and especially salt is to rinse them or wash the salt from the pads and cost them with either mushers secret - it helps seal in moisture and keeps the pads from getting as dry and rough, or udder balm works, they have other products out to help moisturizer their feet that's safe in case they lick it off.