American Cocker Spaniel Yeast Issues???

What helped your dog?! I can't seem to figure it out. I have changed food and she gets a probiotic. UGH :(

bluebonnetgranny: https Hope you find your answer in the links above. A lot of issues are referred to as 'cocker ear', ear infections/yeast. Cocker eye problems. Yeast is common on Cocker Spaniels.

Nekkid Truth!

Has the vet diagnosed it? Switch to a grain free diet, preferable raw. Yeasts live off carbs and sugars. Is this infection in the skin or ears?

E. H. Amos

Could you BOTHER to be more specific? How do you know your dog has a yeast problem? Did the vet diagnose it and what was suggested as treatment? Is it an all-over yeast problem, or just in the ears? How do you know the dog does not just have a food allergy or food allergies? Has the dog ever been allergy tested? If you are not feeding a grain free food, you would need to start there. Whole Dog Journal has done several excellent articles on this and once YEAST gets a GOOD foothold in the gut (potentially causing leaky gut syndrome in people or dogs) it is hard to get rid of. The WDJ article also talked about supplements to add, to help further kill or discourage yeast. Yeast once started, is almost like Kudzu or "creeping charlie"; it sends out runners or spores and killing off some, does not get it all. A pro or prebiotic (if you have a bad yeast overgrowth) is NOT enough. You may also need to switch to a RAW diet and therefore feed little to NO carbohydrates, since they digest into SUGAR and sugar feeds YEAST.


What has the vet suggested? It's a type of skin 'infection' and with many Cocker's needs a prescription treatment. Call the vet today and get her seen - food is generally not the cause, and probiotics won't help with yeasts in the ears or on the skin.