How can i wash my dog without getting pink eyes?

Yes I wash my hands after and wear gloves while I have her baths. Starting in high school back in 2014 or 2015 I washed my dog. I washed her in middle school too but at that time I didn’t have pink eyes. When I started washing my dog in high school in senior year that’s when I started getting them. The 1st time I had it my mom noticed my eyes or 1 of my eyes were red. She thought it was a pink eye but I didn’t think that until I seen discharge and stuff like that. I started taking her to shops to get washed and get her nails clipped but people won’t take her any more at Pets Smart and Pet Co. so I bought Shampoo a couple weeks ago. I haven’t washed her on my own since Senior year due to me getting pink eyes.


Wear goggles?


You are allergic to your dog, or are allergic to the soap you are using. Wash your dog, then immediately after take a shower. This will get all of the dog danger and soap residue off.


Conjunctivitis, is a infection of the eye's conjunctiva usually caused by a bacteria or virus but can be caused by an allergy that results in red, itchy, painful........ you need to go and see your doctor and get it treated

Pearl L

nnaybe you should ask your vet this question


Pink eye only last from a few days to two weeks. If you keep getting pink eye you have problems with your eyes & need to see a doctor to clear it up. It is a virus & is treatable. So see an eye doctor or even your primary doc to clear up your pink eye. Google pink eye & ask your questions there. There is not anything you cannot find online. Doing your own research will teach you lots of things you did not know. You should not be getting pink eye over & over & over again & again. Your eyes need a doctors attention.