My dog humps everything in sight all the time. It's embarrassing when I have guests. Is there a solution? He's been neutered and is healthy.?



With good all round obedience training you are able to stop your dog doing absolutely anything you want to stop it doing. That's it !!!!


Yes, it's commonly known as "training the dog not to hump everything in sight."

The First Dragon

Maybe he needs more exercise. Also, have you considered obedience training? I do not mean training him not to hump. Humping is just a part of dog social behavior. When it is not with a female in heat, humping is simply an expression of dominance - wanting to be boss. Once you have taught your dog to obey commands, he will consider you the boss, the dominant one. Dogs enjoy obedience training, too. Then he will not do as much random humping. And if he does hump when you don't want him to, you can order him to "down, stay" and that will be the end of it for a while.

latcho dives

Yeah its known as training and occupation


i wouldnt worry about it, the guests nnight think its funny


Yeah of course like don't train your dog just change its whole life. Smart