What came first? Dogs or dog food? What did dogs eat before dog food came along and how did they survive? Every one knows DOG FOOD best?



So a dog food manufacturer, knowing that eventually there would be dogs in the world, started production? Nah - I think not. And pre commercially made dog food, dogs ate scraps, anything they could find or were given.


Domestic dogs are descendants of wolves. And like wolves dogs hunted as pack animals and killed prey for their food. And while no one today was around when the first wolves began to hang around with humans the best guess is that wolves learned that humans were good hunters and that the humans learned the wolves were good watchdogs. So wolves and humans struck up a symbiotic relationship. The humans fed the dogs and the dogs/wolves guarded the humans.


Businessman James Spratt introduced the first commercially-prepared pet food in England in approximately 1860. After seeing dogs being fed leftover biscuits from a ship, Spratt formulated the first dog biscuit: a mix of wheat meals, vegetables, beetroot and beef blood. Dogs definitely were here thousands of years before "dog food". They survived on scraps from left over human food and from off cuts and offal often from the butchers and from catching wild prey.

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Dogs initial connection to humans was likely consuming the remains of human “kills”.


Dogs obviously came first. Dogs were actually wolves at one point so they ate other animals smaller than them and plants. Research how dogs came yo be and how they survived. You'll learn a lot.

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They ate rabbits and sh*t