I am looking for a new apartment I got a esa letter for my dog I am fearful they will deny my application?



easy answer . only look for apartments the allow dogs ,


So look for another place to live. Here's the deal, an Emotional Support Dog is NOT a service dog. ESA pets are only covered by the fair housing act if you have a diagnosed disability. Just needing comfort or feeling better if you have a dog is not enough to compel a landlord to allow a pet -- with our without a letter from a psychiatrist. If you have such a disability, you can sue the landlord, but honestly, it is easier just to look for a rental property that already allows pets.


They can allow you in with your ESA, but you still have to follow all of the rules for the place. That means that your dog can't tear up the carpet, or pee everywhere, or be barking all hours of the night. You do not have to pay a pet deposit or monthly fee. Your landlord might feel better if your ESA is 'registered'. This is a scam, all of them are, but its worth the $100 to get a registered tag for your pet to let them live with you without any of the other costs. You do not get a free pass for your dog to do whatever you want though. They have to follow the rules of the house, just like all of the other people who live there. They can reject your application for other reasons, but not because of the ESA status of your pet.


The letter from your Psychiatrist forces the landlord to allow you a pet. They cannot turn you down because of the dog. That is the reason for the letter. What kind of dog do you have as an ESA? If it is a pit, they can deny you. any dog on the BSL list probably would not be accepted. Landlords insurance would go sky high with these types of dogs.


I understand and empathise with you re finding a rental property who accept dogs these days, wherever in the world you are it seems. But you really do need to find one, regardless of what job your dog does, or doesn't do (other than a true Service dog - for the handicapped, or a seeing-eye dog) and when you do, GET IT IN WRITING. In the UK Standard Rental Agreement forms tend to have a no-pet clause which needs to be revoked, again in writing so there's no misunderstanding later on. I get SO frustrated when checking the online rental websites, I see what would appear to be a perfect dog-friendly property, out in the country with loads of garden ..... and then see, in small writing, no dogs, no children, no Benefits and no smoking (which I do understand!). Sometimes I think landlords and more so, agents, would prefer tenants to send in the money, and live elsewhere!!


the place I live now refuses the esa letter n because he isn't a service dog


Yes, I agree. You are looking for a new apartment and got an ESA letter for your dog and are fearful that they will deny your application. I agree 100%.