Are service dogs allowed on cruise ships? And if they are what do the owners do about the dog needing to pee and poo?

Cruise ships are only at a port of call a small fraction of the cruise’s duration.

Pat Wooden

There are cruise ships which allow for any dog or cat to be brought aboard. The largest of these is Cunard, which has an employee taking care of walking and cleaning up after them. Professionally trained and certified service animals are allowed on any cruise ship. The owner must show proof of where the animal was trained and the specific duties it performs to help its owner. This does NOT include emotional support animals with internet diplomas.

Nekkid Truth!

I think that depends a lot on where the cruise line goes. If they are crossing into international territory, that can make a major difference on whether or not they can accomodate. Many countries have strict quarantine and vaccination laws. Youd have to ask the cruise line what their policy is. As far as toileting the dog.. I think the lines that accomodate for service dogs do provide a relief area.. Likely using mulch or some type of fake grass. However if there are multiple SD on board, they would share it.


They have pet relief places on the ship.


Cruise ships that are registered under the flag of a different nation do NOT have to meet US standards in regards to service animals. So that is the first thing to check, where is the ship flagged and what are the laws of that nation that might apply. You may find no dogs are allowed at all.

latcho dives

it would fully depend on whether it is an officially legally trained service dog or not. And also they may want proof from the original training group also


REAL service dogs are...... the lets pretend service dogs who are just pets are not


Yes, service dogs are welcome, but so-called 'comfort pets' are not. Cruise liners have spots through the ship where the dog may relieve themselves. Dogs are generally not welcome anywhere near the pool or spa.