I'm having problems feeding my dog. Any suggestions?

It's been a whole day since my dog last ate. He's been lying on the couch like this since Saturday morning (picture attached). He won't respond to me calling him to eat or to go outside. When I try to spoon feed him, the food just falls out of his mouth. He usually eats a lot. What is going on with him?? Any advice will help! Thanks, Dr. Royce




Troll - even when a dog has died, he'd not lie like that! If you are not making this up, clearly the answer is GET HIM TO YOUR VET. A dog is a luxury, especially these days with vet fees increasing all the time, NOT A NECESSITY. A sick dog would NOT lie on a sofa like that. That's one content relaxed dog.


get the dog to a vet now

latcho dives

Ask a vet you pleb not the children and trolls found here in yahoo dogs section If you want a correct answer and a healthy dog that is....

E. H. Amos

If you are smart enough to be any kind of "Dr." then you should certainly know, if the dog is refusing to eat and acting lethargic - it needs to see a vet. DO NOT try to force feed the dog.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should take hinn to the vet and find out whats going on