Bloat in cavalier King Charles?

I fed her some puppy food and chicken (not alot) now My dog Abdomen seems stiff at the moment, she is not panting, keep in mind my dog is pregnant (5weeks) im wondering Could it be bloat im a bit paranoid. What are the major signs of bloat? Its been about 3 hours now since her last meal when it started. Should i be concerned, she seems a bit restless when trying to sleep. She hasn’t vomited anything. She i wait til the morning, it also Midnight where i live so i cant go vet. Any tips to atleast Help her? Thanks

Love my Newf

Sorry I don't help lowly backyard breeders like you. No way in HELL this is a show quality dog you've shown to at least Champion and have breeding rights for so why the hell did you breed her? Get her to the VET if you're concerned. How can we magically know what's wrong with her?